I want to join what do I do next?

1. Find a Detachment close to you.
2. Attend one of their meetings, taking your DD214 with you. The detachment will have an application for you there to fill out.

There is not a detachment near me? Call our Jr. Vice Commandant Jonathon VanTol (989) 225-5047 for information about being a member at large or forming a detachment in your area.

How much is it to join?

1. Annual dues are different for each detachment, they generally run between $25-40 per year.
2. Once you are a member (in good standing) you may pay for a life membership.

Life Membership dues As of Jan 1, 2009
Age Group

0-35 $500
36-40 $400
41-50 $400
51-60 $300
61-0ver $150

To become a Life Member, you must already be a “Member in Good Standing”. That means becoming a member and paying your initial dues first. Yes, according to the Bylaws, you could join the League, pay your dues and then pay your Life Membership Dues all in the same day.

How can I help my fellow Marines and Veterans, once I am a member?

Participation varies with each detachment, but generally, the detachments will be involved in 1 or more of the following (talk to the leadership of the detachment for more details):

– Color/Honor Guard, Rifle squad for local parades and military funerals.
– Eagle Scout recognition program
– Packages for the troops
– Fund raising
– Marine Roses program
– Toys for Tots
– Marines Helping Marines Program
– Visits to the VA & State run veterans Hospitals (VAVS Program)
– Become active in engaging your State and National Representatives on legislative issues affecting veterans
– Recognition for flying the U.S. Flag
– Young Marine Program

Where do I send transmittal and transfer forms?

Transmittal and Transfer forms are to be mailed to:

Department Paymaster
PDC Phil Zamora
412 W Harris St
Charlotte, MI 48813

Where do I send department and national dues?

*Members give to your Detachment Paymaster*

Where do I check the Corporation Filing for our detachment?


What form do I use to change the corporate filing information?

Use CD-520 from the State of Michigan – link – http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcsc/forms/corp/corp/520.pdf

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